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Digital Marketing Is One of the Fastest Growing Careers

Digital marketing is projected to become one of the fastest-growing fields in the marketing industry overall.

Digital marketing is projected to become one of the fastest-growing fields in the marketing industry overall. As more brands, companies, and individuals turn their attention online, they will require skilled professionals to help them expand their online presence.

Acquiring in-demand skills can assure eager digital marketing professionals a secure job future. Read on to find out why digital marketing is on the rise and what skills you need to thrive in the field.

Analyzing the Rise of Digital Marketing

Experts speculate that the increased interest in digital marketing is the result of diverse causes. First, more people are using the internet than ever before. The global digital population of active internet users is 4.66 billion as of May 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also played a role. At the height of the pandemic, U.S. adults were spending up to 16 hours and six minutes per day using digital media. Digital marketers help to deliver a lot of that content, from TikTok videos to blogs and everything in between.

The pandemic also changed online habits. For example, e-commerce saw a big boost. Quarter two of 2020 saw e-commerce spending up 31.8%, with American consumers spending a whopping $211.5 billion. Again, digital marketers play a role in feeding this sales funnel.

In-Demand Skills in Digital Marketing

There’s a diversity of digital marketing jobs available. Here are some roles that are in demand.

Content Strategist

These professionals plan and carry out content campaigns across digital channels like blogs, email, and websites. The job might involve planning out content in advance, assigning that content for production, and cross-pollinating content across different channels.

The average content strategist makes $62,182.

SEO Analyst

Search engine optimization is very important to getting websites noticed. Pretty much anyone with a website can benefit from SEO, making this an in-demand role. An SEO analyst earns $50,348 on average.

Email marketing specialist

Email marketing is another much-requested field as digital marketing continues to grow. This involves creating, sending, and tracking email campaigns and maintaining mailing lists. Email marketing professionals can make about $56,584 per year on average.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers help to create digital content across popular channels like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The average social media manager makes $51,807 per year.

Social media marketing is considered the second most impactful form of digital marketing (29% of marketers consider it successful), following search engine marketing (33% of marketers consider it successful).

Meeting the Digital Marketing Demand

If you’re looking to kickstart a career in a field that’s sure to enjoy ongoing growth and high demand in the years to come, digital marketing may be for you. Successful digital marketers should be creative, strategic, and analytical.

You can help make yourself stand out in the field of professionals by learning the requisite skills like those described above (SEO, social media, content strategy, etc.). Figuring out what area you want to specialize in will help guide your educational pursuits and career.

The Digital Marketing Institute offers one valuable means of attesting to your skills. This is not your only option, however. There are many other digital marketing certificate programs you can enroll in to learn and to get noteworthy accreditation.

Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing

The demand for digital marketing isn’t expected to decrease anytime soon. People are increasingly living their lives online. This means that there is a captive audience ready and waiting to be influenced by digital marketing.

If you are interested in digital marketing as a possible career path, now is the perfect time to get started.


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