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Why Ecommerce Delivery Speed and Transparency are Crucial for CX

Customer experience (CX) is now the most valuable differentiator any business can invest in.

Customer experience (CX) is now the most valuable differentiator any business can invest in.

More than price or product features, your chances of earning customers are now based largely on your ability to offer valuable, reliable experiences

No matter what else might change in the purchasing journey, research consistently shows that customers keep going back to the companies that dedicate the most time to maintaining high levels of satisfaction. Around 86% of buyers also say they’re willing to spend more if they’re guaranteed an excellent experience as part of the purchase. 

While there are many factors that can make our break your client’s experience with your brand, many companies are beginning to notice a growing trend in the value of ecommerce delivery speed, and transparency. 

Speed and Transparency when Delivering Products

Most customers, no matter which industry they’re buying from, want a quick and convenient experience from their preferred vendors. Everyone loves fast delivery and the ability to see where their items are coming from. However, the impact of the global pandemic in 2020 further accelerated the need for transparency and speed as leading contributors to experience. 

During the covid-19 pandemic, customers were reliant on ecommerce brands to get the items they needed. Many countries were on lock-down, with various stores suddenly inaccessible to consumers. To overcomes this issue, most clients turned to the internet. 

According to research from 2021, the expectations that consumers have when it comes to ecommerce delivery are evolving, Around 85% of shoppers say a retailer’s choice of delivery partner is a major driver of their purchasing decisions. 

In difficult times, customers want access to the products they need quickly, with many looking for same day or next-day delivery options. These customers also want more transparency when it comes to tracking the movement of their packages. Your clients expect to:

  • Receive updates about the product’s shipping journey
  • Have access to information about how you keep shipping safe and hygienic
  • Be able to choose from various delivery speeds and options
  • Have the opportunity to choose things like “contactless delivery”. 

Delivery Processes are Key to eCommerce Success

Even before the pandemic, consumers were placing greater pressure on companies to offer a wider range of shipping options, faster access to products, and better order tracking technology. Some companies even implemented real-time maps where clients could see their products as it went through the shipping process. 

Other organizations implemented things like “local pickup” for people who couldn’t wait for their products to arrive in a couple of days. 

Shoppers are also placing more pressure on ecommerce companies to get the fulfilment process right the first time. During difficult times, like the 2020 pandemic, customers couldn’t afford to deal with complicated returns or complaints when products arrived late or were incorrect. Now, around 96% of customers say that a positive delivery experience would prompt them to purchase from the same company again in future. 

Notably, while speed is perhaps the most important factor influencing the way a customer feels about an eCommerce customer, transparency can be extremely valuable too. At a time when adhering to delivery expectations can be challenging for companies, customers say that they’re more likely to wait for their items if they’re confident the product will arrive when the merchant says it will

Being realistic about the delivery date you can give your audience and keeping them updated with shipping information reduces your risk of losing customer trust. If you promise that you’re going to get your items to your customers within a couple of days, you should be able to live up to this promise. 

What Contributes to a Good Delivery Experience?

Delivery speed and transparency are only two of the major components contributing to the impact a delivery experience has on a customer. According to some studies, the maximum number of days people will wait for an item is dropping. However, it’s also becoming more likely for customers expect free shipping from a company, particularly when they spend over a certain limit. 

Other ways to improve the delivery experience include:

  • Listening to your customers: Always look for feedback from customers on any areas where you may not be living up to expectations. Most clients are happy to give feedback on shipping times, options, and prices. 
  • Have the right technology: Using the right fulfilment software makes it easier to track shipped items so that you can keep customers up to date with accurate information about their purchases. Consider investing in new shipping and logistics software that integrates with your CRM system or email marketing tools for quicker updates. 
  • Partner with the right people: Partnering with fast and efficient delivery partners is crucial to ensuring a good overall experience. With the right partners, you can offer safer delivery experiences to customers with things like contactless delivery. 
  • Provide plenty of options: Give your customers the freedom to choose which aspect of their delivery experience matters most to them. For instance, they might be able to get free shipping if they’re willing to wait a little longer, or they can upgrade to express shipping if they don’t mind paying extra for speed. 
  • Continue to innovate: Experiment with different ideas that could deliver better delivery outcomes for your customers. More companies are beginning to provide things like local pickup options for people who need access to products quickly. The more you innovate, the more likely you are to develop trust from your target audience. 

Keep track of the delivery and fulfilment support options available on the web, and pay attention to the things that your customers most care about when they leave reviews about your service. For instance, is speed more important or safety? Tracking the outcomes of different delivery strategies will show you where you should be investing. 

Work on Upgrading your Shipping

Shipping and fulfillment are only a small part of the full eCommerce experience. However, they’re quickly emerging as important factors in a brand’s credibility and reliability. If you want to earn the trust of your target audience and keep them coming back to your brand, make sure your eCommerce delivery options are fast and transparent. 


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