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Animals Hit the Spotlight on TikTok

TikTok is a source of many trends, including many viral pets engaging in hilarious or adorable escapades.

Social media platforms remain a pivotal part of our daily and contemporary culture. We use it as a form of escapism from the stressful world around us. Among the many popular platforms available, TikTok has a significant impact when it comes to video sharing.

TikTok is a source of many trends, including many viral pets engaging in hilarious or adorable escapades. If you don’t have a pet for some reason, these charming accounts might brighten your dull day. However, this begs the question: how did pet accounts become so popular?

Reasons Why Pet Accounts Draw Attention on TikTok

There are many reasons why many of us follow pet accounts on TikTok, along with other social media outlets. Although we might prefer some pets over others, we can all get enjoyment from receiving updates from our favorite pet accounts.

Pet Variety

One reason pet accounts are so popular with TikTok enthusiasts is the diversity of pet videos available to share. While many accounts focus on popular pets, such as cats and dogs, they’re not the only pets with followings. Rabbits, birds, and other small pets might amuse specific audiences in ways dogs or cats can’t. 

Some accounts might promote more than one animal, allowing more viewers to get more insight into the types of lives these pets have with their owners. Sometimes, more pets improve a user’s browsing experience.

Viral Trends

Like many social media platforms, TikTok thrives on people participating in viral trends or challenges. While many TikTok trends typically involve popular music or memes, the viral pet trends for most TikTok enthusiasts typically involve getting their pets to do activities or react to specific things, accompanied by appropriate hashtags. 

Some trends include creating makeshift obstacle courses for their pets to traverse, getting their reaction after kissing their head, or playing wholesome music as they roll over on their backs or jump in the air.

How Do Pet TikTok Accounts Benefit Their Owners?

Pet owners who run their pet’s TikTok accounts perform the most engagement with their audience and create their pets’ content. Although their pets are in the spotlight in the account’s content, there are many ways pet owners can benefit from setting up these accounts.

They Can Building Connections With Other Pet Owners 

Depending on the size of a pet TikTok account and its viewership volume, many owners have the opportunities to connect with other dedicated viewers or pet owners in similar niches to build their pet’s fanbase. Some account owners might respond to comments and build trust between potential followers. 

They Improve Their Content Uploading Schedules 

The average amount of TikTok posts most accounts perform daily equates to roughly three times a day. With this time frame in mind, pet owners use this opportunity to plan out the type of content they want to upload. 

When you plan out your content, you leave an impression on your audience in a short time. Although some pet accounts benefit from creating longer videos, the most effective TikTok uploads typically last a few seconds or less than a minute.

They Can Use It as a Marketing Tool

Some owners might use their pet’s TikTok as a significant income source. One common practice that they might engage in sponsorships. You could promote a specific pet toy brand by recording your pet playing with it. 

Several companies use different demographics on TikTok and other platforms as core marketing targets. Those companies might create campaigns that influence the type of posts pet accounts produce.


Like social media outlets before it, TikTok has a significant influence on countless animal or pet enthusiasts. Seeing people engage in the latest trends with their pets might inspire others to create accounts dedicated to their companions and indulge in their creativity.

They might also use this platform to improve their online presence and use it as a tool for potential sponsorships. No matter what you use it for, you’ll feel fulfillment the moment you see the public loving your pet.


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